Sotho Men

Basotho boys Initiation

During the 5th century in Southern Africa, the marauding Zulu warriors under King Shaka scattered many tribes that had migrated from the north. One of those tribes was the Sotho people. Today, the largest remaining group is the Southern Sotho (Basotho)…

The practice of the initiation ceremony for boys that are deemed to be ready to be young men is still an integral part of rural Basotho culture.

Boys go to the mountains and spend many weeks there to be taught about their ancestors, culture, history and important events, behavior, hard-ships, respect, accountability, family issues, solving family conflicts and diseases.

Initiation school secrets are taught and discussed as older wiser men act as mentors to the younger generation so as to continue this tradition.

These young men dressed in traditional Basotho attire, have made themselves famous for the beautiful, distinct songs that they sing when they return from the mountains.

They are expected to be ambassadors who are proud of their heritage.

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