Land of Strange Affairs: Clifton

New CD Release: Land of Strange Affairs

New CameraBoy album focusses on internal affairs

The enigmatic and elusive CameraBoy releases a new album this week. Like Zekezeke and die Gemaskerde Boerseun before him, CameraBoy’s identity is still unknown, but his commentary on the state of the nation and affairs of the heart remains penetratingly astute. In the wake of 2010’s “RSA” single and 2011’s “Pop 4 Mom”, the 7 track album “Land of Strange Affairs” also takes a sideswipe at the never-ending social and political circus that pass- es for daily life in South Africa. Check out “Cocktails in Clifton”. Love songs are never out of focus for CameraBoy’s observational gaze with a track like “A poem from you” standing out.

Some loyal affiliations are perhaps revealed by the song “Buccaneer” but for the most part, “Land of Strange Affairs” keeps us guessing.

Find more information about “Land of Strange Affairs” and hear the demo tracks on this site.

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