Nyepi Day

Nyepi Day

New video: Frightening the Evil Spirits of Bali

Once a year, between the months of March and April, Bali’s streets are turned into a scary monster show. That’s because on the night before ‘Nyepi Day’ (the day of the island’s major purification ritual) all evil spirits are frightened away by huge gigantic papier-mâché ogres, gyrating dancers and the chaotic sounds of gongs, drums, firecrackers and crashing cymbals.

For the (mostly Hindu) Balinese, this is one of the most important religious ceremonies of the year.

On Nyepi Day itself, the Indonesian island resembles a deserted, mystified place of silence: Shops, restaurants and even the airport are closed – and no one is allowed on the streets. Instead, everyone sits quietly at home. The reason? Persuading even the most relentless remaining evil spirits that the whole island of Bali is deserted!

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