Rocking in Bali Metallica Enter sandman

Ever since the mid-80s, indie ‘Balinesia’ music has become more
and more popular on the Indonesian island. Being an AC/DC
wannabe, shredding the guitar like Slash or going grunge-style like
Kurt Cobain is still considered ultra-cool. Which in fact, it is – Bali

Young musicians identify with the island’s indie scene, which has
opened the eyes of Bali’s youth to the possibility of doing
something different to the norm – unlike during the repressively
conformist years under long-time president Suharto’s rule.
Every Thursday, Kadek and his band ‘Bali Sky’ set up in one of
Kuta’s easy-going roadside pubs, the Espresso Bar. Playing their
heart and soul out with hits from Metallica to Tom Jones, these
young Balinese make for some great entertainment – for the locals,
as well as foreign party animals on one of Bali’s main nightlife

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